We're kicking off our 20 year anniversary of Macstudio!

JCD ad_Macstudio

This issue of the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry features a very special Ad for MicroDental Laboratories as we kick off our 20 year Anniversary of Macstudio! Still true to our heritage, we’ve maintained the personal artistic touch of the technician and utilized innovation along with collaboration. Thank you to all our clients over the years, and here’s to many more years of helping dentists enrich the lives of patients.

Our new Macstudio ZEUS Ultra Zirconia restorations

Our new Macstudio ZEUS Ultra Zirconia Restorations offer dentists a new option for clinical situations that require strength and translucency. 

“Translucency of ZEUS Ultra Zirconia restorations looks natural without the normal Zirconia ‘opaque’ look. It’s stronger and lasts longer than most all-ceramic restorations which is an added benefit.” -Dr. Steve Vergara; Cottonwood, AZ