Our new Macstudio ZEUS Ultra Zirconia restorations

Our new Macstudio ZEUS Ultra Zirconia Restorations offer dentists a new option for clinical situations that require strength and translucency. 

“Translucency of ZEUS Ultra Zirconia restorations looks natural without the normal Zirconia ‘opaque’ look. It’s stronger and lasts longer than most all-ceramic restorations which is an added benefit.” -Dr. Steve Vergara; Cottonwood, AZ

Check out this smile enhancement by Dr. Jay A. Nelson

We are honored that so many dentists around the country choose to partner with us to deliver beautiful smile rejuvenation results for their patients. Our skilled technicians are able to make the restorations look natural through detailed characterization. Outstanding dentistry by NelsonDentistry | Jay A. Nelson, DMD